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We are looking for an Office and Project Support Exec to join our team.

Our executives rely on strong office and project support to help make their day to day lives run smoothly and to ensure that Jigsaw has the right profile and presence in the market. We are looking for a resourceful, multi-skilled all rounder to join our team to provide this support. If you have strong organisational skills, and a can-do attitude, and would like to find out more, please email acarter@jigsaw-research.co.uk



Groundhog Day: The never ending cycle of NPD for apps.

by Andy Lack on 05th October 2018

We are proud to announce that Luke Perry’s article ‘Is your agency a hedgehog or a fox?’ Has been published in the… https://t.co/6iRvvkhHB4

What a lovely surprise for a Tuesday morning! Thank you to our mystery gift giver, please let us know who you are! #20thbirthday #cupcakes #jigsawpieces